The alternative to Flash, by Microsoft


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Sure you are used to view websites with Flash content. That technology is realy good, it gives websites an stunning look, it's perfect for presentations and graphic effects, as well as interactivity with users. From presentations to games passing by videos.

Microsoft has realized it and they have launched their own and similar concept, it's called Silverlight and you may know it if you surf microsoft websites.

If you usually use Firefox, when you arrive in a website with silverlight content, you can install de plugin, but it doesn't work, that's why you need to doownload and install this plugin we are offering you.

Once you install this plugin (very easy, just double-click the file you'll download) you can use any web browser and you'll enjoy all the silverlight content.

It is said the Silverlight content is much easier to index than flash content, but if you are n user you don't need to know anything else, just install this plugin and enjoy this new way of viewing websites.
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